Design Appreciation

Hello and welcome, I have not spent much time on this blog as I have my other blog,

But I would like to think that this blog deeserves some time and energy in getting it started. While I was driving home yesturday evening, I was thinking of a way for me to get into the designer frame of mind I will write some design appreciation.

It will feature a design item I have come across and then have a look at its past as well as where this design may be in the future.

Anyway enjoy,


Design Appreciation

5 year plan as a Designer

I am a very indecisive person I want to to everything, and as a result I have done many things, but not gone very far in any of my pursuits.

This is not a bad thing but personally I would like to have cover some ground in one feild. And the Feild I am currently in is as A designer. I have studied a certificate IV in design, which helped me grasp illustrator, indesign and photoshop. And from there I took up another course in Diploma of product design as it was the only thing available at the time. This opened my eyes to techincal drawings, autocad, solidworks 3d printing, and model making, history of design and sustainable design.

But how to keep me on track, how to keep this wild mind in the one direction? well I am putting a 5 year cap on design. After that I am free to change career direction. curently I am at the 2 year mark this July 2016, and will reach the 5 year mark in mid 2019. when I will be 28 years old.

I have printed out a calendar and I am crossing days off. it is so much easier to grasp time and have direction when I can visually see it.

Hopefully this keeps me on track as I am loooking for internships here in melbourne.

5 year plan as a Designer

Dog toy made from plastic bags

14 July 2016 – by Tavi Johnno

what to do with all that plastic? this is a question I keep asking myself.

over the last few weeks I have been researching and coming up with ideas to make new cheap products, like maybe collect a lot of bottles and build housing for the homeless, make funky stools by grinding up and  melting down milk bottles (hdpe) to have a colour specked stools, with legs of alluminum from alluminum cans that have been smelted in a home made foundry.

I like those ideas and would like to explore them. but it wasnt until I actually melted a few things down that I came across other uses. Plastic bags for instatance. they can be melted and reshaped at 250 degrees celsius. I made a small chair out of a big collection of bags. one of the legs came of and I gave it to my dog to play with. He loved it as a chew toy as it was reasonably hard and also could fit in his mouth to chew on easily as he is a small dog.

okay so I have made something new relativly easily out of something that would otherwise go to land fill. but two questions that still need to be answered is it safe for my dog? and after he is done with it how would it then be disposed?

I have searched many dog toys and the plastic ones are made from hdpe. And  plastic bags (ldpe), so are PE also. so i’ll contiune to observe how the dog interacts with the toy.

now once it is done where to I throw it way to? in victoria, australia there is a recycling collection bins outside many chain supermarkets called Redcycle bins. and they are collected and then made into outdoor objects such as park benches and board walks. so that is one option and since it is in a smaller shape it wont take up as much room in the collection bins as a bundle of bags would have.  what I wanted to know was can it go in the recycle bin now that it is in a different form, why/why not?

Planetark says that as in bag form they get stuck in machines, but as a solid object this wont happen. so now something that that could not go in the recycle bin, can now as it is in a ridgid form. 🙂


recycling sources:

Dog toy made from plastic bags

down to zero waste

a lot of food  and fruit is composted but not oranges egg shells or onions. So what do I do about that?

Citrus Peels In Compost – Tips For Composting Citrus Peels

it says it is okay for worms and to be composted. just takes a long time to break down.

down to zero waste

Assignment: Ergonomic remote control

firstly I will look up “ergonomic shapes” to get an idea of what would work well with the body. in this link there is a home project tht someone made an ergoniomic keyboard that bends upwards. I don’t know how well it works but it looks interesteing. this is a bottle with a wide opening and minimalistic design. weird and creative looking keyboards this was made by swinbune student who designed a flat water bottle.

-also spanish architect antoni gaudi.


Assignment: Ergonomic remote control

assignment: toilet poopy


-melbourne sewearge plant being one of the best in the world as it moves waste from one pond to the next ponds have reeds and plants, and the natural purification from the air and water help rid the sewage of harmful pathogens.

what is the future of toilets. here are a few designs

-history of design. I need to gather more research on the toilet.

toilet paper, squat toilets, hose, bedday,

-in france the king build a summer palace 6 km down the road because of the smell of poop would be really strong.

-we use fresh water, toilet paper machines turning wood pulp, sewage treatment plant, pipe lines, porcline toilets, plastic, there is a lot involved in just going to the bathroom. toilet brush, scented smells air fresheners, fan, bleach.

is cleaning toilet with cola better for the environment then bleach?

-what we flush down could affect marine life. I was under the assumbtion that sewarge treatment plants were meant to deal with most of the pollutants. this article below suggest that pharmacutical pills are affecting marine life when flushed down the toilet.

sir john harrington invented the first flushing toilet in 1700s

history of the toilet here in australia, how people throught that it was the smell that was making people sick. and the dual flush was invented in australia.

this is a toilet museum in india

the above link is bill gates blog where he discusses how the modern expensisive first world solution to the toilet is to complex and expenisve for third world countries.

  • and the friday class. something remote controlled… mmm this one still has me puzzled.

I find it hard to stay focused just becuase I am not paying attention. waISTING TIME doing other things, chatting to friends. the day slips away so fast.

assignment: toilet poopy

Plastic packaging assignment

I eat a lot of pasta and was wondering if I can recycle it or reuse it in an interesting way.

I have two plastic bread bags. idea- turn them into dolls, freindship dolls I cannot be recylced just like this friendship. hold onto me and rememeber that I have made a big impact on someones life weather I noticed it or not. feel free to pass this toy on as an effection of another bond formed. (fusing plastic bags together to make a plastic sheet) (fusing plastic sheets together)

advangaes – can be used to make gifts and reduce the energy create to produce store bought gifts. used in the lining to waterproof bags, make a sun hat, festival tarp. single layer plastic pattern to fuse onto tee shirt.

disadvantages- mlting plastic is bad, and the energy from the iron.

clear hard plastic supported by wire coathanger frame to make a tarrarium/minature glass house. (belt made from fuse plastic sown to fabric), plastic yarn)

update 1/3/2016

So I am thinking about doing two bags in different techniques the first fused plastic sown to tee shirt rags to make a bag. the plastic will be the inside waterproof lining. the second will be plastic yarn – aka plarn. and I will croche that into a bag.

other ideas with plarn, make it into a belt, a bum bag, or better yet make it into the traps for the teeshirt/plastic bag. hippie belt pouches,

now to decide on what bag design I want to work towards. I would like a backpack. (this video totorial shows how to make a rucksack backpack) but it seems a little to compicated for me at this point I will search for a more simple design.


bucket top. this seems a little more simple but it has ring holes need which I don’t have,

macrame. a friend suggested that this would be easier to weave with than crochet. not sure if plastic wrap can be recycled with them mainly because it would have liquid or food resadue on it. but in the video it is said that they do receieve plastic cling wrap. so how if it is going to land fill. what other alternatives are there to plastic cling wrap?

here are a few alternatives

Plastic packaging assignment