Plastic packaging assignment

I eat a lot of pasta and was wondering if I can recycle it or reuse it in an interesting way.

I have two plastic bread bags. idea- turn them into dolls, freindship dolls I cannot be recylced just like this friendship. hold onto me and rememeber that I have made a big impact on someones life weather I noticed it or not. feel free to pass this toy on as an effection of another bond formed. (fusing plastic bags together to make a plastic sheet) (fusing plastic sheets together)

advangaes – can be used to make gifts and reduce the energy create to produce store bought gifts. used in the lining to waterproof bags, make a sun hat, festival tarp. single layer plastic pattern to fuse onto tee shirt.

disadvantages- mlting plastic is bad, and the energy from the iron.

clear hard plastic supported by wire coathanger frame to make a tarrarium/minature glass house. (belt made from fuse plastic sown to fabric), plastic yarn)

update 1/3/2016

So I am thinking about doing two bags in different techniques the first fused plastic sown to tee shirt rags to make a bag. the plastic will be the inside waterproof lining. the second will be plastic yarn – aka plarn. and I will croche that into a bag.

other ideas with plarn, make it into a belt, a bum bag, or better yet make it into the traps for the teeshirt/plastic bag. hippie belt pouches,

now to decide on what bag design I want to work towards. I would like a backpack. (this video totorial shows how to make a rucksack backpack) but it seems a little to compicated for me at this point I will search for a more simple design.


bucket top. this seems a little more simple but it has ring holes need which I don’t have,

macrame. a friend suggested that this would be easier to weave with than crochet. not sure if plastic wrap can be recycled with them mainly because it would have liquid or food resadue on it. but in the video it is said that they do receieve plastic cling wrap. so how if it is going to land fill. what other alternatives are there to plastic cling wrap?

here are a few alternatives

Plastic packaging assignment

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