assignment: toilet poopy


-melbourne sewearge plant being one of the best in the world as it moves waste from one pond to the next ponds have reeds and plants, and the natural purification from the air and water help rid the sewage of harmful pathogens.

what is the future of toilets. here are a few designs

-history of design. I need to gather more research on the toilet.

toilet paper, squat toilets, hose, bedday,

-in france the king build a summer palace 6 km down the road because of the smell of poop would be really strong.

-we use fresh water, toilet paper machines turning wood pulp, sewage treatment plant, pipe lines, porcline toilets, plastic, there is a lot involved in just going to the bathroom. toilet brush, scented smells air fresheners, fan, bleach.

is cleaning toilet with cola better for the environment then bleach?

-what we flush down could affect marine life. I was under the assumbtion that sewarge treatment plants were meant to deal with most of the pollutants. this article below suggest that pharmacutical pills are affecting marine life when flushed down the toilet.

sir john harrington invented the first flushing toilet in 1700s

history of the toilet here in australia, how people throught that it was the smell that was making people sick. and the dual flush was invented in australia.

this is a toilet museum in india

the above link is bill gates blog where he discusses how the modern expensisive first world solution to the toilet is to complex and expenisve for third world countries.

  • and the friday class. something remote controlled… mmm this one still has me puzzled.

I find it hard to stay focused just becuase I am not paying attention. waISTING TIME doing other things, chatting to friends. the day slips away so fast.

assignment: toilet poopy

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